Innovative Park Unit City in Ukraine

UNIT.City is the first innovation park in Ukraine.
It is one of the largest platforms that combines infrastructure and innovative ecosystems for Central and Eastern European IT and technology companies.

UNIT.City is located on 25 hectares of land just 6 km from the center of Kiev. The Innovation Park forms an entire quarter of real estate for various purposes: offices, residential premises, innovative educational institutions, R&D centers, VR and AR laboratories, 3D printing and additive manufacturing facilities. The total area of ​​UNIT.City is in the final stages of reaching about 860 thousand m², which will create space for interaction of 30 thousand tenants, students and residents.

UNIT.City is in high demand among well-known IT and technology companies, startups, creative firms and even large corporations. Giant offices such as Snapchat, DTEK Academy and Syngenta have already been opened in the innovation park.

One of the main objects of UNIT.City’s innovative ecosystem is the UNIT Factory Programming School – a franchise of the unique French school 42. In addition to the educational sites, UNIT.City has a venue for seminars, meetings and conferences. The park also offers its residents a suite of additional business development services such as commercialization and fundraising assistance, counseling, legal services, coaching, mentoring and acceleration programs, as well as prototype labs.

The mission of UNIT.City is to create a unique innovation platform where leading companies, startups and experts can easily find each other, collaborate and grow while honing the quality of their products and services.