Business Investigation

Business Investigation

Uncover critical and sensitive information in advance of business investments, dispute negotiations, and partnership opportunities.

High-level business transactions require solid and comprehensive due diligence in order to manage corporate risk and ensure the best decision. Whether you are considering an acquisition, corporate merger, hedge fund or venture capital investment, business partnership, or a senior hire, investigation and due diligence play an important role in the process.

When a business opportunity arises, you might have limited time and information to act. Before investing or merging with another business — or onboarding a new executive, you require accurate information in order to assess the real value of the opportunity. Effective business negotiations rely on accurate and timely information –just like any big decision that involves strategic risk to your corporation.

We Establish has a team of investigators and professional research analysts that specialize in corporate and transactional due diligence services in Ukraine. We serve as trusted and reliable advisors to the financial, legal, and compliance teams that are charged with formalizing and evaluating major business transactions and strategic relationships and navigating business disputes.

Does the target organization have the growth potential that its managers claim? Do top executives have the needed experience in order to make the deal work? We Establish provides due diligence and business investigation services that help you determine whether your prospective partner has all the competence, experience, integrity, and financial ability for directing and leading an opportunity in a legally compliant and effective manner.

On completion of our comprehensive analysis, we will present our findings in an in-depth report that provides you with the information to make a sound decision.

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